Timeless Watch Outlet is proud to offer a one year limited warranty.

At Timeless Watch Outlet, we stand behind every product we sell. As an Outlet, some of our products have slight COSMETIC ONLY defects. Regardless of the cosmetic condition, all of our watches are in 100% perfect working order. Every watch we sell is meticulously double and triple checked prior to leaving our warehouse to make sure it is in 100% perfect working order and is as described. In the unlikely scenario that your watch is not working perfect, rest assured knowing that your new watch is covered by a one-year Timeless Watch Outlet warranty that protects against mechanical or technical defects. Please note that a watch sold as a display model or was pre owned will only be covered for mechanical failures and not or cosmetic defects. Please see here for a full Product Condition Description. 

What Your Watch Warranty Covers

Watch warranty repairs cover manufacturing defects only and do not include regular preventative maintenance. During your warranty period, your watch will be repaired free of charge by one of our expert watchmakers if there is a manufacturing problem.

In order for your warranty to be honored, your watch must have been purchased from TimelessWatchOutlet.com and you must supply us with your proof of purchase. 

Your watch will be professionally repaired within a reasonable time, depending on the nature of the problem. You must understand however that watch repairs are time consuming and done completely by hand. Our watchmakers must have sufficient time to correct your problem.

We’ll usually reply within one business day. One of our representatives will call you if we have further questions. In many cases it’s not possible to provide a firm estimate for a repair until we actually see the watch. Please note, we do not allow for drop-off service of watches.

Damage Caused by Improper Care

Your watch is a precision instrument that has been designed to provide years of reliable service. With proper care, a fine timepiece can last a lifetime. If neglected however, you will almost certainly experience problems.

Warranty repairs fully cover manufacturing defects, but do not cover damages caused by improper care or storage while the watch was in your possession. Warranty services do not typically cover normal wear and tear. If you scratch your case or break the crystal, we can fix it, but it won’t be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty.

If you store you watch improperly and damage results, the repairs aren’t typically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty either. Do not store your watch in a damp location, and never leave a dead battery in a watch for an extended period of time.

Trying to repair a watch yourself or through an unauthorized repair facility will almost always void the manufacturer’s warranty. Watch repair is an exacting and delicate task. Even changing the battery in most watches should be left to a professional.

Proof of Purchase

If you purchased your watch from TimelessWatchOutlet.com, it is guaranteed for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. To initiate a warranty repair, you must provide our repair department with your original purchase receipt. Unless stated otherwise, you will be charged for postage to and from the repair center.

How to Ship Your Watch

When sending a watch for repair, it must be wrapped securely, preferably in bubble wrap, with your name and return address clearly visible on the package. Include a Timeless Watch Outlet Repair Form completely filled-out and always remember to insure your shipment. 

Postage, insurance and shipping are the owner’s responsibility. Please send only the watch itself. Do not include unnecessary paperwork or the gift box your watch came in. We can replace your strap, but your warranty does not cover leather straps.

To help prevent future problems, we will replace all batteries that are more than one year old and ensure that your watch is still water resistant before we return it to you. We look forward to serving you. A fine watch is a precision instrument designed to provide years of pleasure. It is our job to ensure that your watch delivers the service you deserve.